Window Depot recently installed maintenance free gutters in Marietta, South Carolina at the home of Ron Nolan on 274 Hamilton Road. Mr. Nolan owns a beautiful mountain home. These maintenance free gutters are from LeafProof’s “x-line” and they come in all different colors and sizes. Another service we did for Mr. Nolan is replace his bulletproof glass door. He is one of our many valued customers and we even bundle his goat soap products in with some of our showers. Ron is more than just a customer; he is a great friend of ours and gives us his homegrown eggs from time to time.

Highlights of Maintenance Free Gutters in Marietta, SC

• Wide 6” gutters with hassle free system
• Lifetime warranty
• Bulletproof glass door

“I’m happy to support a company that appreciates veterans and does good by their people.”
– Ron Nolan