Window Depot Upstate recently did a Vinyl Window Replacement In Easley, SC. The client was tired of their old drafty hard to open windows and decided to give Window Depot Upstate a call. We went to the clients house to give them an estimate, and after a thorough evaluation we got to work. Our installation team installed a grand total of 15 windows and one sliding glass door. We also did some work to the outside of the house, we replaced the clients gutters, old siding, soffit, facia, and we installed leaf-tree gutter toppers. we also did a new trim around each window and the siding glass door. The client was thrilled to finally have windows that will open and close with ease, and they are energy efficient in that they keep the outside air out so you save money on your air & heating bill each month.

Vinyl Window Replacement In Easley, SC Project Description:

  • 2 35×37 Vinyl Double Hung Windows
  • 5 31×53 Vinyl Double Hung Windows
  • 5 31×37 Vinyl Double Hung Windows
  • 2 23×53 Vinyl Double Hung Windows
  • 1 39×53 Picture Window
  • 186ft Soffit & Fascia
  • 128ft 6-Inch Gutters
  • Leaf Tree Toppers
  • 4 Downspouts
  • 60×0 Vinyl Sliding Glass Door
  • 5 sets of Vinyl Shutter Boards
  • 7 Squares of Vinyl Siding
  • New Trim

Key Project Features:

  • Removal of All Existing Windows
  • Removal of All Old Trim
  • Installation of Fifteen New Windowcore Windows Ranging from Picture to Double Hung
  • White on White Window Color
  • All New Trim on New Windows & Doors
  • Removal of One Sliding Glass Door
  • Installation of One New Windowcore Sliding Glass Door
  • Removal of All Existing Siding
  • Installation of New Siding
  • Removal of All Gutters, Soffit, and Fascia
  • Installation of New Gutters, Downspouts, Soffit, and Fascia
  • Installation of Leaf-Tree Gutter Toppers

“We are thrilled with the work that Window Depot Upstate has done! They were very quick and professional!”
– Mr. & Mrs. Kroenig

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