Window Depot Upstate, SC, the trusted provider of exceptional home improvement solutions, recently completed a remarkable window installation in Belton, SC, for our esteemed clients, Mrs. and Mr. Peterson. Recognizing that their old windows were no longer meeting their needs, the Petersons decided it was time for an upgrade. The draftiness and difficulty in opening and closing their existing windows prompted them to seek the expertise of Window Depot Upstate. Without hesitation, they reached out to us, eager to explore superior window options for their home.

In response to their inquiry, we promptly dispatched a skilled technician to the Petersons’ residence. The technician conducted a thorough assessment and provided an estimate tailored to their specific requirements. Once a mutually agreeable price was established, our dedicated installation team sprang into action. They began the window installation in Belton, SC by meticulously removing the outdated windows and accompanying trim, making way for the installation of the new, state-of-the-art Wincore 5400 series windows.

To ensure a seamless and visually appealing outcome, our expert team also installed fresh trim around each window, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the replacements. The Wincore 5400 series windows are known for their exceptional performance, offering superior energy efficiency, enhanced durability, and ease of operation.

Upon the completion of the installation, our diligent team took great care to conduct a thorough clean-up of the job site, leaving no trace behind. At Window Depot, we prioritize customer satisfaction, and the Petersons’ delight with their new windows is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Mrs. and Mr. Peterson were thrilled with the impeccable workmanship and outstanding results achieved by Window Depot. The upgraded windows not only addressed their concerns about draftiness and functionality but also added an enhanced aesthetic appeal to their home. The Petersons’ high praise and satisfaction with their new windows serve as a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional service and products.

Window Installation in Belton, SC Project Description:

  • Removal of Old Windows
  • Removal of Old Trim
  • Installation of New Wincore 5400 Series White Vinyl Double Pane Windows
  • Installation of New Trim
  • Full Clean Up and Project Approval from Homeowners Before Final Payment

“They slide smoothly and they are easy to clean!”
-Mrs. Peterson

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