Window Depot Upstate recently completed a highly successful window replacement in Anderson, SC, catering to the needs of our valued client, Ms. Grace. Frustrated with her old, cumbersome windows that were difficult to open and close, drafty, and had deteriorating wrapping, Ms. Grace sought out the expertise of Window Depot Upstate. Through a quick online search, she discovered our company and recognized us as the trusted professionals she needed to address her window concerns. After a thorough consultation and estimate, our dedicated team swiftly commenced work on her home. Our skilled installation team expertly removed and replaced a total of 17 windows throughout the house, leaving no aspect of the project untouched. In addition to the window replacements, we also installed new trim and wrapping for each window. The inclusion of fresh wrapping around the windows offers numerous advantages to the home. It provides increased privacy from the outside world and partially filters sunlight, making certain times of the day more comfortable for Ms. Grace by reducing glare and eye strain.

Upon the completion of the project, our meticulous team conducted a thorough clean-up of the job site, leaving it immaculate and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. At Window Depot Upstate, we prioritize delivering exceptional results and ensuring that our clients are delighted with the outcome. Ms. Grace was extremely pleased with the window replacement work carried out by Window Depot Upstate. Our efforts to address her concerns regarding functionality, energy efficiency, and aesthetics were met with great satisfaction. The new windows, complete with fresh trim and wrapping, not only improved the overall appearance of her home but also enhanced its privacy and light control.

As a company committed to excellence, Window Depot Upstate takes great pride in our ability to provide top-notch window replacement services. The success of the Anderson, SC project serves as a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction and superior craftsmanship. Going forward, we are excited to continue transforming the lives of many more satisfied customers, one window at a time.

Window Replacement in Anderson, SC Project Description:

  • Removal of All Existing Old Windows
  • Installation of Five New Wincore Windows
  • All New Trim for The Newly Installed Windows
  • All New Windows Are Easy Opening and Closing
  • All New Windows Are More Energy efficient

“I like the windows and my electric bill came down insanely”

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