Window Depot Upstate recently did a window replacement in Simpsonville, SC, and collaborated with Bath Depot SC on an exciting bathroom renovation. Both companys catered to the desires of our valued clients, the Malecki family. Seeking a comprehensive transformation of their bathroom, the Maleckis contacted Window Depot Upstate and discovered that Bath Depot SC, our sister company, could provide the desired services. With the necessary estimates and pricing settled, both Bath Depot and Window Depot Upstate embarked on renovating the Maleckis’ bathroom.

Bath Depot SC skillfully installed a stunning walk-in shower, ensuring the bathroom’s focal point was both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Simultaneously, our team at Window Depot Upstate focused on delivering exceptional window replacements by installing top-of-the-line Provia brand double-pane windows. The existing windows and trim were meticulously removed, making way for the installation of each new Provia window. Additionally, we took the opportunity to introduce a larger window over the separated bathtub, enhancing both natural light and visual appeal.

Following the completion of the project, both our Window Depot Upstate team and the Bath Depot SC team diligently cleaned the job site, ensuring a seamless transition for the Malecki family. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the successful completion of the project, as we strive to minimize any inconvenience or hassle for our clients.

The Malecki family expressed their delight and satisfaction with their newly revamped bathroom. The collaboration between Window Depot Upstate and Bath Depot SC resulted in a remarkable transformation that exceeded their expectations. The combination of Bath Depot SC’s beautiful walk-in shower and our superior Provia windows contributed to an enhanced bathing experience and an overall rejuvenated space.

As Window Depot Upstate and Bath Depot SC continue to provide exceptional home improvement solutions, we are thrilled to have brought immense joy and satisfaction to the Malecki family with their revitalized bathroom. We remain dedicated to delivering top-notch craftsmanship, outstanding products, and unrivaled customer service.

Window Replacement in Simpsonville, SC Project Description:

  • Removal of Old Shower
  • Installation of New Shower
  • Acrylic Walls in Color Calcutta
  • Removal of All Old Windows
  • Installation of New Double Paned Provia Windows
  • Full Clean Up and Project Approval from Homeowners

“The shower is a lot bigger than the previous one. They are definitely good windows, easy to operate and they are good against the heat and cold. The owner is reliable and honest and will address our questions and concerns.”
-Mrs. Malecki

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